Error When Adding or Accessing Coveo Components in a Lightning Community

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Coveo for Salesforce 2.41 (May 2017)


When adding or accessing a Coveo component in your Lightning community, you get the following error:

Action failed: CoveoV2$Base$controller$executeComponentInitilization [Cannot read property 'getComponentType' of undefined]


This issue arises when Lightning Locker is enabled in your community alongside Coveo components.

This is because Coveo doesn’t currently support the use of Lightning Locker in communities (see Coveo for Salesforce Overview).


You need to disable Lightning Locker in your Lightning community.

  1. In Salesforce, in Setup, search for and select Critical Updates (Build > Critical Updates).

  2. Deactivate Lightning LockerService Security.

    1. Next to Enable Lightning LockerService Security, select Deactivate.

    2. On the Deactivate Update page, select Deactivate.