An Unexpected Error Has Occurred In the Coveo Health Check Page After Deleting Coveo Organization

Free edition only - Deprecated

Coveo for Salesforce 3 (May 2018)


When clicking the Health Check page (see Accessing the Health Check Page) after deleting your Coveo organization, you might encounter the following message:

An unexpected error has occurred.
If the error persists, contact Coveo Support.
To know the current status of the Coveo Cloud services, see Coveo System Status.

This message is followed by this code:

    "statusCode": 401,
    "message": "You must provide credentials to perform this operation",
    "type": "NoAuthenticationException",
    "executionReport": [


This issue arises when you try to access the Health Check page after you deleted your Coveo organization. Since your Health Check page is linked to your search page which works with Coveo, the Health Check page can’t provide the credentials that you need to perform this operation.


Since the Health Check page is a Coveo component, you can’t use it if it’s not linked to a Coveo organization. You must provision your Coveo for Salesforce Application (see Configuring the Coveo for Salesforce Application).

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