Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition General Troubleshooting Steps

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When developing with the Coveo for Salesforce Free edition, it’s possible that you encounter an issue you need to fix. The following articles can help you pinpoint and solve the issues affecting your Coveo for Salesforce Free integration.

To help you troubleshoot, it might be a good idea to review the Coveo for Salesforce Free edition architecture (see Understanding the Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition Architecture).

Still Having an Issue?

If you still find that you’re having an issue even after having reviewed the previous pages, you have the following options:

  • Review the Coveo for Salesforce Troubleshooting guide (see Troubleshooting Coveo for Salesforce), which reviews specific issues with Coveo for Salesforce and how to fix them.

  • Search for your issue on Coveo Connect, where you can access many Knowledge Articles created by Coveo Support as well as user questions from the Coveo Q&A Forum.

  • Ask a question on the Coveo Q&A Forum. Remember to tag your question with the term salesforce-free for quicker and more focused answers. You’re also encouraged to explain the troubleshooting steps you have performed.

  • For more urgent issues, if your license allows it, contact Coveo Support.

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