Understanding the Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition Architecture

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Coveo for Salesforce Free edition can be understood as shown in this diagram:

  • The Coveo for Salesforce application is installed in your Salesforce integration. It comes with the Coveo search components alongside the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework.

  • Your Coveo organization exists in the Coveo Platform, and hosts Coveo Usage Analytics (Coveo UA), Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML), as well as the Coveo Search API. It also hosts the analytics data captured by Coveo search components such as queries, clicks or custom events.

  • You can view the analytics data by accessing the Administration Console of your Coveo organization, in the Analytics section.

  • When a query is performed in one of the Coveo components, the following things happen:

    • The Coveo Search component sends a query in the Coveo query format to the Search API.

    • Based on your usage analytics data, Coveo ML affects the query to ensure relevancy.

    • The Search API translates the query to either SOSL or SOQL, depending on the query performed.

    • The Search API sends the SOSL/SOQL query to the Salesforce Index, which returns the results.

    • Coveo ML injects its query ranking to the Search API, to order the results in the most relevant manner.

    • The Search API returns the ordered results to the Coveo component, which displays them to the user.

Data Retention

While the Coveo for Salesforce Free edition queries are run through the Coveo Cloud hosted Search API, no data from your Salesforce organization is kept in Coveo Cloud, and only the requested fields go through the Coveo Cloud infrastructure.

However, Coveo Cloud keeps the following information about your Salesforce organization:

  • The organization structure, including a list of the available object and field names.

  • An OAuth refresh/access token pair allowing the Coveo infrastructure to query your organization.

  • Any analytics event you decide to send to Coveo UA.

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