Release Notes for April 2018 - Minor Release 1.1.180418.15

The initial April 2018 release was 1.1.180418.7. However, due to the issues listed below, it had to be hotfixed. The official April 2018 release is 1.1.180418.15.

This release includes the following versions:

Bug Fixes

The following table summarizes the bug fixes introduced in the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 April 2018 minor release (1.1.180418.15).

Issue Description
DYN-635 First source created in a new organization fails
DYN-628 Source table is refreshed too many times
DYN-608 Default case console filters out too much content on a new case
DYN-597 Clicking outside of the Add Filter drop-down menu does not close it
DYN-596 When adding a Quick Create component, default data-entity-name value should be knowledgearticle